The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Happy International Women’s Day! I hadn’t really planned on this book to fall on this day, but now that it has, I think it’s perfect. The Bone Witch definitely works for today.


Title: The Bone Witch (400 pgs)

Genre: Fantasy YA

Publication Date: February 7, 2017


Tea is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy makes her a bone witch, who are feared and ostracized in the kingdom. For theirs is a powerful, elemental magic that can reach beyond the boundaries of the living—and of the human.

Great power comes at a price, forcing Tea to leave her homeland to train under the guidance of an older, wiser bone witch. There, Tea puts all of her energy into becoming an asha, learning to control her elemental magic and those beasts who will submit by no other force. And Tea must be strong—stronger than she even believes possible. Because war is brewing in the eight kingdoms, war that will threaten the sovereignty of her homeland…and threaten the very survival of those she loves.

Last year, I decided to reread the Game of Thrones books, just, you know, because. Okay, mostly because I love Daenerys. I mean, come on. Mother of Dragons, leader of an entire bloodthirsty army? How could you not love her?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Tea never wanted to be a  bone witch. In fact, the revelation of her bone witch status came as a surprise to everyone, including her. But she goes to Kion to learn how to become an asha, all while maneuvering the dangerous world of a large kingdom, including jealous asha, monstrous creatures, uncomfortable parties, and handsome princes that are nicer than they should be. But Tea does her best, with only a few disastrous moments, and protects her new friends with a fierceness that’s terrifying to behold.

But there’s another Tea, one only written about at the end of the chapters, an older, wiser Tea whose plans are nothing like the novice that we’ve been slowly falling in love with throughout the book. She reveals this plans slowly to a Bard, a man who only wanted to hear her story so that he could tell it to others, a man who got more than he bargained for.

I don’t know a better way of saying that I super enjoyed this book. But I SUPER enjoyed this book. Sometimes I feel burned out on fantasy YA, because there seems to be so much of it and I end up reading every book I can get my hands on within a month. So it’s been quite some time since I’ve read any fantasy, and this was the book that I needed to throw me back into the genre. Rich in detail and in magic, The Bone Witch was more than I could ever ask for in a fantasy book. I loved Tea and her brother Fox, and I loved the way they kept each other safe, even if they felt they were doing terrible jobs at it. Another super cool thing about this book was that so many different races were represented, even if they were from countries we’ve never heard of. Oh! And the maps! I’m sorry, but I’m such a nerd when it comes to maps in books, and this one was so detailed and realistic that I found myself coming back to it again and again, even when it wasn’t for the story.

Also, when I originally requested it, I didn’t know it was going to be a series, and now that I know, I’m horribly sad that I have to wait for the second book.

However, Tea’s story wasn’t everything great in this book. I do have to hand out two awards to Rin Chupeco. One is for most relatable dedication…

2017-03-08 08.23.45


…And the second to best acknowledgements I’ve seen in quite some time…

2017-03-08 08.23.12

Seriously, if you have not read Rin Chupeco before, get on it. Her other two books, The Girl From the Well and The Suffering scared the junk out of me, and I knew I was going to gobble up whatever else she put out. So, get out there, go to a bookstore, and pick up all three of her books. Why not? It’s International Women’s Day, so, you know, support women! Even when it’s not one day to support us, still support us. Okay? All right, sounds good.

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