White Fur by Jardine Libaire

Good Monday, everyone! I was going to write this up last night so it could be up early in the morning, but Verizon decided that activating my new phone would be a PROCESS, so I got behind on other things. But this book is too good not to share.


Title: White Fur {384 pgs.}

Genre: General Fiction

Publication Date: May 30, 2017


A stunning star-crossed love story set against the glitz and grit of 1980s New York City.
When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon, fate implodes, and neither of their lives will ever be the same. Although they are next-door neighbors in New Haven, they come from different worlds. Elise grew up in a housing project without a father and didn’t graduate from high school; Jamey is a junior at Yale, heir to a private investment bank fortune and beholden to high family expectations. Nevertheless, the attraction is instant, and what starts out as sexual obsession turns into something greater, stranger, and impossible to ignore.
The unlikely couple moves to Manhattan in hopes of forging an adult life together, but Jamey’s family intervenes in desperation, and the consequences of staying together are suddenly severe. And when a night out with old friends takes a shocking turn, Jamey and Elise find themselves fighting not just for their love, but also for their lives.

This is the modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet that I never knew I needed.

Elise is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks: poor, fierce, and not quite pretty {or is she? You can never really decide for sure}. Jamey is the golden boy of the Hyde family and has his entire future mapped out in front of him {even if he didn’t do the mapping}. Elise finds Jamey one night and falls head over heels, and then decides that she’ll do whatever she can to make him feel the same way about her. The two go through challenges that test their love, and they come out knowing one thing: neither of them will be able to live without the other.

The one thing above everything else that I loved most about this novel was that there was no makeover scene. You know the one I’m talking about: a girl who’s not quite what everyone wants steps into new clothes, a new hairstyle, new makeup, and is suddenly welcomed everywhere. Elise wanted none of that. She would borrow clothing if she was going to meet Jamey’s family or go to a christening, but she kept her braids in and didn’t bother to drop her constant sneer. She didn’t change for people, because she liked herself.

What a fresh concept.

Jamey, at first, seems to like her because she’s something new, something that his family wouldn’t approve of, and therefore, a great commodity in his life. But as the story moves on, Jamey finally comes to see Elise as her own person, as someone that he relies on and loves, as someone that loves him for who he is and not for the money and prestige that he could bring a girl.

It’s a beautiful love story, filled with second chances and false starts. Elise and Jamey are two strange creatures who happen to find one another in this huge world, and it was sweet – at times frustrating – to watch them fall in love. You’re never quite sure if one is playing the other, but in the end, you realize that these are two people who didn’t understand how to fall in love and did it the best they could. If that means stepping back when things got too serious or playing the crazy girlfriend, then so be it. It worked for them, and that’s what them so delicious together.

In case I’m not doing this book justice {which I know I’m not, but seriously, BUY THIS BOOK}, here’s the book trailer, which does a much better job at showing you what my babbling is all about. If you’re still not convinced after you saw that trailer, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, because this is going to be a book that people will be talking about, and you’ll be stuck in the cold, wondering to yourself why you didn’t listen to me.

Yes, I think I highly of myself.

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