2017 Wrap Up

Happy December everyone! In case you forgot, I’m Bree and this is my blog dealing with all things books.

I know, the silence is my fault.

November was dedicated to NaNoWriMo, and I got a little caught up in it. November is usually my busiest month, at least, at the beginning, because of sprint cars and trying to get down 10,000 words to make sure that the story I’ve come up with is…something. This year, I was working on my second draft of a story I wrote a few years ago, and it was kind of stressful. Then, as soon as November was over {hallelujah!}, I did the most Bree thing ever: I sprained my ankle. Like, urgent care and not moving {or trying not to} for the last week sprained.

So. That’s been fun.

Now it’s almost the end of 2017 {thank god, am I right?}, and I’m trying to get everything in order for a more organized 2018. I’m lucky because in about two weeks, I get two weeks vacation, so I’m going to be using that time to work on the blog, bake cookies, make sure the cat doesn’t hate me, and taking care of my boyfriend’s sister’s dog. I also have about a thousand other things written down on my to-do list.

It’s going to be an interesting two weeks.

The blog work isn’t going to be extreme. I’m going to change some things, maybe add some things, but I’m going to try for two posts a week, and not all of the books I review are going to be new. I started in on my TBR shelf last month and this one, and there are some books that I’ve read that I’m bursting at the seams to talk about. Basically, this blog is going to get back on track by me talking about books. I started this blog for two reasons: I wanted to help myself remember the books I had read {because I really have a terrible memory once a sequel comes along} and to share my love of books with a truly terrific community of readers.

I don’t think I did really great at either of those, so 2018 is going to be different. I’ve slowly been more active on social media, I’ve been broadening my book options, and I’m trying more than ever to not be so scatter-brained and unorganized. I’ve heard bullet journals are amazing, but I get so frustrated when mine isn’t as cute as the ones I’ve seen. I’m not artistic. I’m just not. But I might try it this year. Just to see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Don’t worry, though, everyone: I’m still going to make mistakes. I’ll probably skip a blog or two here and there. I’m going to be working on a manuscript of mine on vacation, and it’s going to go well into 2018, so I’m sure that might mess with my head a little. But I’m more determined than ever to make this year great, maybe because the last year wasn’t so great {I mean, I had a swell time sometimes, but there’s always this great, big, orange death cloud hanging over my head…I wonder what it could be?}.

So, for whatever you do for the rest of this month, have a great December. Eat some cookies. Be with loved ones. Hug a cat, even if it’s not yours {just be careful}. I’ll be back here on January 2 with a fantastic book that I think everyone will love.

Happy holidays, and have a great {and safe!} New Year’s!